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How to Get The Best From This Month's Seasonal Ingredients
Eat and Drink
April 2024
Reading time 4 Minutes

We're turning over a new leaf

What's fresh, what's tasty and what to do with it this month.
Jersey Royal New Potatoes

Jersey Royal New Potatoes

The fabulous flavour of Jersey Royal new potatoes arises from the unique growing conditions on the island rather than any significant genetic difference. A true seasonal gem, sadly the season is short-lived. To enjoy them at their best buy just what you plan to use in the next two days and keep them in a cool, dark place. Leave the skins on as most of the flavour and goodness lies just beneath the surface – and give them a wash. Steam or boil until tender (15 to 20 minutes) and add butter and fresh herbs such as mint, chives or parsley.

Sea Trout

Sea Trout

Wild sea trout, or salmon trout, bears little resemblance to the inexpensive but unexceptional farmed trout sold in supermarkets and it’s closer to wild salmon in colour, flavour and texture, but with a less prohibitive price. As with all fish, fresh fish will be bright-eyed and red-gilled, a bronze sheen to the skin is usually a good sign. Ask your fishmonger to gut, clean and (if necessary) fillet your sea trout, and the easiest way to eat them is to grill the fillets for a few minutes and serve with herb butter.

Try the Recipe...
Bowl of Spinach


The distinctive, slightly bitter flavour of spinach makes it something of a ‘love it or hate it’ food. It’s thought that spinach was first cultivated in southwest Asia and was introduced to Europe by the Moors by the 12th century. Excellent raw in salads, or steamed, to prepare give the leaves a good wash in lukewarm water to remove any traces of dirt or chemicals. Drain, or dry in a salad spinner.

Spinach and Feta Pie

Spinach and Feta Pie

This healthy spinach pie is as Greek as it gets! And the good news is that it’s packed with vitamins and minerals, especially iron from the spinach. Eat it as a snack, with salad as a light meal, or take a slice to work as a packed lunch. Follow the recipe here.



White crab meat (from the claws) rivals lobster for flavour. Live crabs should be refrigerated and cooked on the day of purchase, the fresh crab meat will be fine in the fridge for three or four days. To prepare, once cooked, twist off the claws and legs. Knock the underside of the body on the chopping board and push your thumbs on the crab’s back to prise the body section away from the shell. Remove and discard the stomach sac and the soft gills – these are readily identifiable and will come away easily. Scoop out the brown meat from inside the shell, not forgetting the crevices where the claws and legs join the body. Crack the legs and claws with a rolling pin or nutcracker and prise out the white meat using a skewer.

Singaporean Crab with Stottie Cake

Singaporean Crab with Stottie Cake

This spicy crab recipe is from James Martin, who originally cooked the dish on the beach beside Bamburgh Castle. The stottie is the perfect accompaniment and the best way to soak up the delicious Singapore-style chilli sauce. Find the recipe here.

Where to Buy Crab

There are plenty of great fishmongers across the North East and Yorkshire where you’ll find the freshest local crab in season

513 Durham Road, Low Fell

Phil’s Plaice
13 Cliffords Fort, North Shields
NE30 1JE

Lindsay Bros

24–25 Grainger Market, Newcastle

Berwick Shellfish Co
Dock Road, Berwick
TD15 2BE

L Robson & Sons
Haven Hill, Craster, Northumberland
NE66 3TR

Fish Quay Shop
Low Street, Sunderland Fish Quay

Shell Hill, Bents Road, Whitburn

Swallow Fish
2 South Street, Seahouses
NE68 7RB

Ridley’s Fish & Game
Unit 15, Acomb Industrial Estate, Hexham
NE46 4SA


The Well Dressed Crab Co
25 West Pier, Scarborough
YO11 1PD

Tarbett’s Fishmongers
128 Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton, Leeds
18 Commercial Street, Harrogate
79 High Street, Skipton
BD23 1JJ

The Whitby Catch
1 Pier Road, Whitby
YO21 3PT

P Crabtree & Son
7 Albion Street, Halifax

Cross of York
3 Newgate, York

Sandgate Seafoods
14-15 Sandgate, Whitby
YO22 4DB

The Crab Stall
Stall 10, Market Place, Doncaster

Carrick’s Fish Ltd
Yewtree House,, Snape, Bedale

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