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Meet the Founder of The Dip and Dales Co. Who Create Quirky Swimming Costumes from Recycled Bottles

Founder of The Dip and Dales Co. Zoe Hall
August 2023
Reading time 4 Minutes

Founded on a love for outdoor adventures, The Dip & Dales Co. create swimming costumes made from recycled plastic bottles, creating a vibrant yet eco-friendly option for dippers

We caught up with founder Zoe Hall to find out more.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background
I am a qualified teacher who has worked both in the UK and internationally, now I’m an ex-Head of Physical Education embracing the world of business, which is both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I have always had notebooks scattered around with business ideas about how I can work for myself in order to place a positive impact on the world. But I never really realised that this was entrepreneurial, I just thought it was my daydream.

When did you start The Dip & Dales Co.?
I started The Dip & Dales Co. almost by accident because I am a huge advocate of the benefits of cold water therapy and wild swimming. Two years ago I was looking for a sustainable and funky swimming costume, which didn’t cost the earth, so I designed a ‘dipping’ costume made from recycled plastic bottles, which then became extremely popular.

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What is the concept of the business?
We provide funky, unique, inclusive yet sustainable products for wild swimming, such as dipping costumes, robes and towels. We also support other local small businesses such as artists and print designers who help me bring my ideas to life. My products, particularly the swimming costumes, are real stand-out items, all designed either by myself or other local female designers, to bring a touch of vibrance to the wild water. I want women to feel empowered and confident to experience the benefits of wild swimming with the bright and colourful designs which are just as unique as every one of us. There’s also a safety feature to the bright costumes too, in that you are more visible to people who may be spotting for you on the shoreline, to watercraft and other waterway users.

Why is it important to you to be sustainable?
We source all of our products using sustainable and eco-friendly materials and decrease our carbon footprint by using trains to transport from other countries rather than air or boat travel. It’s extremely important to me to try to be as sustainable as possible, so if I can help to remove plastic waste from our waterways such as seas, oceans and rivers, to make materials for my costumes, even if it’s more expensive to manufacture, I’m going to do it. It has always been important to me to purchase from companies that are consciously trying to reduce their footprint on the environment. As a wild swimming brand, which advocates the benefits of blue and green spaces, it would be highly immoral of me to not try my best to help maintain the environment of our amazing home. Fast fashion is something that can be avoided by using high-quality, sustainable materials, which are built to last and do not emit microplastics into our waterways.

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What makes you different to other swimwear brands?
More than the products, our community is our unique selling point. The concept is to be a safe space for people to embrace nature and celebrate each other. One of my favourite things about The Dip & Dales Co. is the community that I have created, it is honestly incredible. I regularly run free meet-up events so that like-minded people can adventure together. I also run retreats so that people can immerse themselves in the Great Outdoors. There is nothing better than seeing the confidence of other women increase and flourish. It’s such a supportive community.

What are your hopes for the future of The Dip & Dales Co.?
I hope to be the number one choice for swimming costumes in the North and eventually the whole of the UK. I aim to have all of my products made from recycled materials and a huge wish would be to manufacture more of my products in the UK. Growing the amazing community and offering more events would be amazing, as well as helping other women to become qualified in outdoor activities so that they too can lead adventures. I would love to be able to branch out into male swimming attire too.


An item you couldn’t live without?
The “Don’t Be A Prick” swimming costume as it’s fun and quirky, and it just makes me smile.

Favourite place to eat/drink in Yorkshire?
The Angel Inn at Hetton for a splurge or special occasion, and I love The Lister Arms in Malham for a pub lunch. The Brook Street Deli in Ilkley is my favourite coffee and cake stop.

Advice you’d give to your younger self?
I would instil into my brain what a really great friend once said to me: ‘It’s none of my business what anyone else thinks about me’. I think this is so powerful. In addition to this, only you can control your thoughts and feelings, so it’s up to you how you respond and react to situations.

Best place to go for a dip in Yorkshire?
Janet’s Foss is a gorgeous one because of the unique colour of the water, but best avoided in the high tourist season.

A book/series/podcast you recommend?
I’m obsessed with The Diary of a CEO podcast particularly when a self-made business person features in an episode. The Happy Place is also a firm favourite because I love the raw and honest conversations. I love reading books about the science behind cold water therapy such as Winter Swimming by Dr Sussana Soberg. I’m also starting my very own podcast about all things wild swimming called ‘Dippers Dose of Dross’.

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