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Six Books That Are Northern and Proud
Staying in
July 2024
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Here's why it's not grim up North

To celebrate Living North's 25th anniversay, here's six books that bring you the best of the North East.

The Northumbrians
Dan Jackson

A celebratory look at the deeply-rooted history of Northumberland and its people (and how they have impacted Britain). From the Venerable Bede and the magnificent Prince Bishops of Durham to Geordie Shore, Dan examines a fascinating people who remain as distinctive and trail-blazing as ever. 

Newcastle United Stole My Heart
Michael Chaplin

The touching story of a writer’s devotion to his city and football club. After arriving in the city at the age of five, author Michael Chaplin was looking to make it his home and found a club that he would be tethered to (for better or worse) for 60 years – this is a football memoir with a difference.

Wild Guide: North East England
Sarah Banks

Part of the popular Wild Guide series, this book discovers the hidden gems of the North East including secret beaches, lost ruins and wild swimming spots. With stunning photography and great travel writing, get to grips with one of England’s most beautiful regions. 

The North
John Bulmer

Dating back to the 1960s, when colour photography was still fresh, John Bulmer’s radical work highlighted the North and its people at a time of major social and industrial upheaval and transformation for the area. 

Sunderland in 50 Buildings
Michael Johnson

From its early industrial victories as one of the largest shipbuilding towns in the world to becoming a cultural hub for music and film in recent years, Sunderland boasts a fascinating history which this book explores through the lens of its greatest architectural treasures.

The Lost World of Norman Cornish
Mara-Helen Wood and William Varley

With more than 250 illustrations, this book carefully narrates the life of local legend Norman Cornish, covering 70 years of groundbreaking work. A classic ‘mining artist’ hailing from Spennymoor, Norman became famous for his depictions of industrial scenes of the North East.

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