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October 2022
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These six novels are full of suspense and intrigue and will keep you gripped from the moment you turn the first page

Crime novel enthusiasts are in for a treat this month with these six suspenseful reads. Mania from Northumberland author, LJ Ross is a murder mystery like no other whilst, Fake Alibi is a gripping whodunit novel by Leigh Rusell. We also have books by acclaimed authors such as Marrise Whittaker and more.

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LJ Ross
International bestselling author of the DCI Ryan mystery series, LJ Ross’ crime series has ranked as the second bestselling of all time in the UK on Amazon (only pipped to the post by the Jack Reacher series). Equally good are her Alexander Gregory thrillers and we know you’ll love this 2022 release. Doctor Alexander Gregory witnesses the death of a famous actor live on stage and teams up with DCI Hope when the police rule the death suspicious. There’s a hint of dark humour in this murder mystery. Don’t miss her new summer mystery The Creek for another suspenseful read.



Chris Carter
Robert Hunter is called to one of the most vicious crime scenes he has ever seen, and finding the killer is not going to be easy. The autopsy reveals a poem left by the killer inside the body of their victim. When another murder occurs, a second part of the killer’s poem is found – and these murders might just be the beginning of the killer’s plans.


The Mad Hatter Murders

Marrisse Whittaker
DSI Billie Wilde’s relationship is growing intense, and the pressure of her latest case is building. A series of deaths seem to have a connection to Alice in Wonderland, and she has a personal connection with one of the victims. As Billie works hard to catch the killer, she confronts dark truths about her own family. This new novel comes from the author of The Magpie and The Devil’s Line. Read more about Marrisse and her books here.


The Cliff House

Chris Brookmyre
If you love Lucy Foley’s novels, you’ll love this. For her hen party Jen has rented a luxury getaway on a private island, and the helicopter won’t be back for 72 hours. In the midst of the drunken chaos and with plenty of clashing characters at the party, one of them disappears and a message tells them that unless someone confesses their terrible secret, their missing friend will die.


Fake Alibi

Leigh Russell
A wheelchair-using woman is killed and her son is arrested. The police are satisfied he’s guilty but DI Geraldine Steel has doubts. Shortly after the girl he claims he was with at time of the murder denies having met him, her dead body is discovered outside his house. The body count is growing and Geraldine needs to find the culprit, and fast. Leigh Russell’s Geraldine Steel series has sold over a million copies worldwide. Click here to find out more about Leigh’s work.


The Long Knives

Irvine Welsh
MP Ritchie Gulliver has been left for dead in an empty warehouse. Vicious, racist and corrupt, he had plenty of enemies so there are plenty of suspects. Detective Ray Lennox must put his personal feelings aside as he works on this case to unravel the truth. This fantastic new thriller from the author of Trainspotting is on our reading list, and it should be on yours too.


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