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podcasts covers on a yellow background with a mock up mobile phone Rebecca Lamb-Pritchard from This Is Distorted
Staying in
April 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

Rebecca Lamb-Pritchard from This Is Distorted, a Leeds-based audio first content agency and studio, gives us an insight into a few of her favourite Yorkshire podcasts

It seems that everyone is listening to, making or telling you about their new favourite podcast, and why not, there is so much choice out there.

From entertainment to education, comedic to serious, Yorkshire folk are covering all manner of topics in that straight-talking, no-nonsense way we're known for. So if you're searching for something new to listen to, there are plenty of brilliant podcasts coming straight out of Yorkshire.

The Capsule #inconversation

A health and wellbeing podcast by actress and TV presenter Natalie Anderson. This podcast explores female-led issues including peri-menopause, menopause, depression, anxiety, motherhood, fertility, mental health, careers, diet culture, work/ life balance, health & fitness and wellbeing. It has weekly well-known guests sharing inspirational stories and expert advice. Natalie has a relaxed and warm interview style and often her guests open up and share parts of themselves we haven’t heard before. Guests have included Denise Van Outen, Lisa Snowden, Denise Welch, Jo Elvin and Liz Earle MBE.

More Impact with Deborah Ogden

Episodes are released on a Monday for a blast of inspiration to start your week in the best possible way! This podcast helps you step up and stand out. Deborah Ogden is a respected speaker on all things personal brand and impact. She shares tools, tips and ideas to help you step up and elevate your personal brand for more impact.

The Naked Podcast

They haven’t released an episode since 2020, but are returning THIS year and I think it’s a must listen. These two besties are in the buff and on a mission to get to the naked truth. Yorkshire duo Jenny Eells and Kat Harbourne undress with a guest for revealing confessions and conversations and, as weird as this sounds, it’s absolutely fantastic and the energy from the fact everyone is naked adds another layer to the podcast. What they lose in garments they add in honesty and real vulnerability. So get acquainted and get ready for their new series… and don’t worry you don’t have to be naked to listen… although I think they would approve if you were.

Yorkshire Grit

Host Tommy Bustard, who lives in Yorkshire but is originally from Yarm, throws a spotlight on men’s mental health. Whilst the podcast's roots are in professional cycling and the topics focus on men’s mental health the guests are varied, with discussions around topics that are relevant for everyone. Guests include Jonny Brownlee, Mark Webber and Yanto Barker. Tommy really gets to know what drives people, what makes them tick and what impacts their decision making. Expect honest, raw and real from this podcast.

Liberté-Free to Be!

Host Rachel Peru has been breaking down midlife stereotypical barriers with her podcast Out of The Bubble since 2018 and now after truly breaking out of the bubble, has rebranded as Liberté-Free to Be! Rachel chats to amazing women who are embracing life and leaving a trail of inspiration along the way. Rachel is passionate about representing women over 50 in the beauty and fashion industry, she strongly believes that women of all sizes, ages and shapes should be represented, and that seeing ourselves represented plays an important part in better wellbeing.

Jobs for Women

In each episode, host Zoë Haydn Jones talks to guests about their experience in the workplace and highlights important topics such as discrimination, equality, the gender pay gap and the gender health gap. It’s a truly informative and eye-opening listen.

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