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June 2023
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Black Mirror is back!

Plus, from the return of The Full Monty to a new comedy, here's everything you'll want to watch this week.

-Monday 12th June-

Best Interests, 9pm, BBC One

New Series

A couple face the difficult decision over whether to stop care for their daughter’s deteriorating health. When medical staff decide that the treatment is too invasive and causing long-term damage, her parents fight for the right to keep her alive no matter the cost. This new drama stars Sharon Horgan and Michael Sheen.

-Tuesday 13th June-

Jay Blades' East End Through Time, 9pm, Channel 5

New Series

In this new three-part series, Jay Blades explores the fascinating history of London's East End, from the Shoreditch site where Shakespeare performed to the story of the original Jack the Lad. He starts by the Roman city wall where forbidden activities like gambling would take place in the 1500s. 

-Wednesday 14th June-

The Full Monty, Disney+

New Series

From the makers of the iconic BAFTA-award-winning movie, this eight-part series comes to Disney+ this week. Taking place 25 years after the original British smash hit, the comedy-drama will follow the same group of men as they navigate the post-industrial city of Sheffield, and its crumbling healthcare, education, and employment sectors. Among the lead cast reprising their roles are Robert Carlyle as Gaz, Mark Addy as Dave and Lesley Sharp as Jean.

-Thursday 15th June-

Black Mirror, Netflix 

New Season

By far one of our favourite shows is back, and it’s been a long wait! The mind-bending anthology series reveals humanity’s worst traits and it's often frighteningly accurate. You don’t need us to tell you how good it is though – it’s won six Emmys. Black Mirror returns on 15th June with five new episodes and we’ll be binge-watching it immediately.

-Friday 16th June-

Queen of Oz, 9.30pm, BBC One

New Series

This new comedy starring Catherine Tate follows Princess Georgiana – the black sheep of a fictional British royal family. On the back of her latest scandal her father, the King, abdicates his Australian throne, hoping that sending her 10,000 miles away from London will give her some real responsibility.

-Saturday 17th June-

Live Challenge Cup Rugby League, 2.05pm, BBC One


Don’t miss all the action from Hull FC v St Helens at the quarter-final at MKM Stadium. Hull have struggled for consistency in the Super League, but claimed a 32–8 victory away to Castleford Tigers.

-Sunday 18th June-

Spy in The Ocean, 7pm, BBC One

New Series

Dive in and go underwater with this new BBC series. Fascinating hidden cameras offer a new perspective on the creatures that call the ocean home. It’s a great aquatic advance on Spy in the Wild, which was ground-breaking in its time for recording wildlife with cameras disguised as animals.

-Catch Up On-

Platonic, Apple TV+

New Series

Seth Rogan stars in this new feel-good comedy series about a platonic pair of former best friends who reunite after many years apart.

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