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3 artists pictured with their art
May 2022
Reading time 6 Minutes
Living North loves art and for our 100th Yorkshire issue we chose 3 true talents that we feel are a true representation of Yorkshire. But we didn’t stop there, take a look at our ‘Ones to Watch’ list.
Ones To Watch

Yorkshire’s talent doesn’t stop there. Keep your eye on these amazing artists who are each bringing something unique to the county


The beauty of the natural world comes to life through paper art created by York-based artist Anna Cook. She’s becoming a regular at our events where she displays her paper creations, from cards to framed pieces with incredible depth. Her intricate detailing is remarkable and she’s proving popular among Yorkshire’s art-lovers.

Read our Q&A with Anna here.


Despite never having any formal art training, Nolon has spent his whole life drawing. Inspired by his life in the Yorkshire Dales, and his picturesque surroundings, his work predominantly focuses on domestic and wild animals. He now works as a fulltime artist from his gallery in Masham and exhibits throughout North Yorkshire.


Award-winning Malton-based mixed media artist, Serena Partridge, creates artwork inspired by her local community and its history. Currently at a residency at Selby Abbey, she’s producing new artwork to reflect its beauty. We can’t wait to see the end result.

Read our full interview with Serena here.


Damon is a self-taught contemporary figurative sculptor who focuses on mood and movement. He creates unique bronze sculptures inspired by people and wildlife, and works in both wax and clay. He’s now taking bookings for his 2022 wax sculpting and bronze casting workshops.


Award-winning artist Stacey specialises in pencil drawings of wildlife and animals that call the Yorkshire Dales home. The first of her galleries was opened in Hawes in 2016 and she opened her second in Richmond following its success. Now you can see her artwork on everything from baby clothes to cards – and she sells adorable sculptures too.


International award-winning, Wensley-based artist Martin Kinnear’s powerful paintings offer a poignant take on industrial Northern England, and Boris Johnson has even acquired one of his pieces to hang in the Cabinet Room in 10 Downing Street. His recent works are currently on display at The Bowes Museum, and we’re excited to see where he’s heading next.

Read our full interview with Martin at here.

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