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Collage of featured interiors products
March 2023
Reading time 3 Minutes

The stand-out pieces you need in your home now

From eye-catching and high-shine accessories to unique finds and cutting-edge tech with retro vibes, these are the pieces we can't wait to get our hands on this month.
rattan chair

Dining chairs don’t have to be dull. Vivienne rattan chair, £128

Art Deco-inspired rug

Art Deco-inspired accessories never go out of style. Aron rug, £1,095

statement pot with an olive green band

This sizeable statement pot with an olive green band can be filled with dried stems, used as an umbrella stand or simply left empty. Corinium pot £295 Neptune at Bridgewater Interiors, Gateshead and Wylam

Chelsea loose back sofa in a muted lounge Delcor

Where Victorian tradition meets modern style, this sofa offers a new take on a classic 19th century design. Chelsea loose back sofa, from £2,703 Delcor, Seaton Delaval  

eye-catching lamp on dressed draws Barker & Stonehouse

This eye-catching lamp takes on another dimension when lit. Ombre rust table lamp, £179 Barker & Stonehouse, branches regionwide

This high-end turntable will push your home music playback to new levels – and we love the walnut finish. Pro-Ject X2 B Balanced Turntable, from £1,399 Peter Tyson, Kingston Park

Ancient Seas Asherah bottle

Wheel-thrown in terracotta, then carved and faceted to mark the passing of time – we love the unique patina of this gorgeous bottle. Ancient Seas Asherah bottle No1 by Amy Wilson, £85

Large orange scallop round tray

Twenty layers of high-gloss lacquer give this tray its high-shine finish. Large orange scallop round tray, £230 Addison Ross at Fenwick, Newcastle

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