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Freedom Celebrations
What's on
July 2021
Reading time 5 minutes
Lockdown freedom is upon us – so be sure to make up for all the things we’ve been missing out on this weekend

Host a freedom party…

We’ve finally reached lockdown freedom, which means we can now bask in the company of friends and family once again from the comfort of our own homes. Be sure to impress any guests by setting out the perfect table and cooking up a culinary storm – whether it be easy alfresco treats or sun-soaked-inspired soul food recipes – complete with servings of celebratory home-made cocktails to cheers to!

Celebrate with tequila…

It’s National Tequila Day this Saturday, so what better excuse to get a round of shots in and celebrate freedom? If you’re not into shotting your tequila, there’s a bunch of tequila-based cocktails and drink combinations to try in celebration too! Whether you fancy making a DIY tequila cocktail at home or heading out to some great Mexican bars to try a taste of Mexico – there’s something out there to tingle your tastebuds. Neon Cactus in Leeds and Taquitos in Halifax both have extensive tequila-based drinks menus, with Mexico 70 Sunderland and Chucho’s in Newcastle ready to shake up the perfect margarita for you.

Practice self care…

We’re expecting weather a little more disappointing than what the past week has brought us, so why not use the time to practice some self care? Whether you’re giving your legs some TLCgetting your skin summer-ready, or treating yourself to some self care must-haves – we’re sure a much needed breather will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised.

Learn something new…

Why not delve into some history and culture this weekend? There’s so many guided walking tours with so much to see and learn across Yorkshire. Museums Northumberland are also open and ready to welcome you back for the ultimate eye-opening experience. Or if you fancy staying in, we’ve tried and tested some of the best historical podcasts for any history buffs to enjoy.

Book a staycation…

Travel remains ever-changing and uncertain – so give yourself something to look forward to and book a much-needed getaway a little closer to home.

Support your local theatre…

We’re thrilled that we can finally enjoy our favourite shows, musicals and performances in a theatre setting again – and after the turbulent year they’ve had, we need to support our local theatres now more than ever. This weekend, there’s something for everyone. For any Shakespeare stans, be sure to check out Hull Truck Theatre’s Romeo and Juliet. If you’d prefer to support local theatre from home, experience Opera North’s performance of The Rite of Spring, pre-recorded from Leeds Grand Theatre. The Show Must Go On is showcasing local theatre talent live from The Tyne Theatre and Opera House’s Bistro Bar – giving you the chance to enjoy an exhilarating evening of musical theatre.

Go to the races…

Ladies Day is one of the biggest social events of the year, made all the more sweet now that restrictions have been lifted. It’s not too late to grab your heels, fascinator and a ticket to Newcastle Racecourse’s big day here.

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