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Richmond, North Yorkshire (Credit: Gerry Swift on Unsplash) River Swale running through Richmond, North Yorkshire
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June 2022
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Picture-perfect Richmond’s cobbled streets are crammed with history (unsurprisingly, as it dates back to 1071)

We find out what it is that makes Richmond truly unique with 11 facts you might not have know about the pretty market town.

Richmond was formed around its castle, and became an important regional centre in the medieval period when royal charters were granted giving Richmond rights to hold markets and fairs – important parts of Richmond’s heritage which are still celebrated today.

We also have a guide of why you should visit this summer!
River Swale in Richmond, North Yorkshire River Swale in Richmond, North Yorkshire (Credit: Dan Smedley on Unsplash)

1. The word Richmond comes from the Norman French ‘richemonte’ meaning ‘strong hill’.

2. Only two other stone-built castles are equal in age to Richmond’s; Colchester and Durham.

3. Within the walls of Richmond Castle, a 19th-century military cell block has thousands of pieces of graffiti that span several decades and two world wars.

4. Henry Greathead, the inventor of the lifeboat, was born here, as was Fenwick founder, John James Fenwick.

5. The Georgian Theatre Royal, built in 1788, is Britain’s oldest working theatre in its original form.

6. In the Victorian era, the castle became the headquarters of the North York Militia.

7. Henry VII named London’s Richmond after his favourite Earldom, Richmond in Yorkshire.

8. Alan Rufus is acknowledged as having been the richest man in Britain, with his wealth in today’s currency valued at more than £81 billion.

9. In June 1927, Richmond was a centre line of totality during a solar eclipse. This is celebrated on a plaque at the top of Reeth Road.

10. Richmond was named UK town of the year in 2009.

11. The Market Place is said to be one of the largest cobbled markets in England.

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