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Everything You'll Want To Do With Your Dog in the North East This Month

Craster coast, Langley Castle, Dog standing on back legs each dog ice cream from a pot
Places to go
August 2022
Reading time 2 Minutes

Summer is here and like the rest of the family, our four-legged friends are ready to enjoy some glorious sun-soaked days across the North East

We’ve got you covered for days to enjoy with your four-legged friends, try our walk of the month from Craster to Low Newton, find out where to treat your dog to a delicious dog-friendly ice cream and the ultimate staycation for a truly pampered pooch.
Craster coast

Craster to Low Newton

This walk is one of our office dog Winston’s favourites and can easily be made shorter than the stretch of six miles it covers there and back, by parking at one of the many pull-in spots which line the road between Craster and Low Newton. Following the path North you’ll have uninterrupted views of the sea and rocky shoreline before you pass the mighty ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle and reach the long sweep of Embleton Bay, sandwiched between the sea and the golf course which hugs the bay. Head up the ramp at Low Newton to the pretty white-washed square and take refugee in The Ship Inn, with a fresh bowl of water for the dog and a cold pint for yourself.

Dog standing on his back legs eating ice cream from a pot Urban Pooch, Amble

Seaside Scoops

Ice cream doesn’t have to be just for humans and Scoop’s vanilla ice cream is the perfect treat to keep dogs cool when you’re at the beach this summer. This dog-friendly ice cream is made with reduced lactose, added joint aid and natural joint supplements, so there’s even more reason to buy your pooch this delicious treat. Scoop’s vanilla ice cream, £3 Urban Pooch, Amble

Langley Castle Langley Castle

Canine Castle

Langley Castle has gone all out to welcome our four-legged friends to their medieval castle hotel with their Poochy Déjeuner breaks. Book a stay in one of their dog-friendly rooms within the Castle View accommodation and treat your pooch to a cosy night’s stay in their own dog bed before they tuck into a scrumptious breakfast of sausages and scrambled eggs in the morning – it’s the ultimate staycation for the whole family.

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