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11 Women that Make us Proud to be from the North on International Women's Day

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March 2023
Reading time 5 Minutes

On International Women's Day we're celebrating some of the most influential women in the North

At Living North, we're lucky to have had the opportunity to speak to some of our region's (and country's) most inspirational women. For us, today is all about the women that bring pride to the region, from a 23-year-old solo rower from Yorkshire who's completed an incredible Atlantic adventure to a retirement rebel who sold her belongings and bought a motorhome, and the first female helm at Cullercoats lifeboat station, we really have spoken to some of the very best.

But of course, there are plenty of other extraordinary women here who enrich the lives of others around them with their kindness and acts of bravery. So today we celebrate and champion all women for their achievements big and small.

'At Cullercoats, Anna led the RNLI's first all-female crew at the start of the year, making history once more'

1. Siân Buchan
When it comes to hospitality, the industry is tough. Enter Siân Buchan, who may just have cracked it by becoming one of the UK’s most influential women in the sector. As restaurant manager and co-owner of Michelin-starred Restaurant Pine in Northumberland, Siân knows exactly what it takes to be the best. Read the interview here.

2. Anna Heslop
Want to read a story which will make you feel proud to be a woman? This is the feature for you. Anna Heslop is the first female helm at Cullercoats lifeboat station and she’s hoping to inspire others. Read how Anna did it here.

3. Shannon Martin
Meet the incredible woman behind multi award-winning Yorkshire boutique Dotty Bridal and find out how her appearance on The Apprentice was a long time coming. Read about Shannon here.

4. Niyc Pidgeon
It’s what we all strive to be but not all of us can be the queen of happiness like Newcastle-born psychologist Niyc Pidgeon who has been recognised for her work with women all over the world. Read more from Niyc here.

‘My family thought I was a bit crazy for doing it, but they’re all proud of me now’

5. Miriam Payne
We spoke to Miriam, from Yorkshire, before her adventure solo-rowing across the Atlantic ocean. Since then she has completed the phenomenal challenge and did it in record time too! Read why she took on this brave row here.

6. Siobhan Daniels
Life isn’t over when you hit retirement age, for some the real adventure begins which is what Siobhan Daniels proved by selling her belongings and hitting the road in her motorhome. Read about Siobhan’s adventures.

7. Lynn Campbell
Another woman proving that age is just a number is Gatehead’s Lynn Campbell, who went from being a teacher to becoming an aerialist. Read Lynn’s story here.

8. Elaine Parker
Women’s safety has been a big topic in the last couple of years and one many can relate to. North East entrepreneur Elaine Parker had her own harrowing experience which led her to launching a safer dating app. Read all about Elaine’s app here.

9. Katie Ormerod
Before the Winter Olympics in 2022, we caught up with Yorkshire snowboarder Katie Ormerod, who at the age of 15 was already setting records. Read about Katie’s achievements here.

10. Paige Zima
County Durham’s Paige Zima completed the ultimate challenge by winning the seventh series of SAS: Who Dares Wins. Not only does this make her incredibly strong but also immensely brave. Read about Paige’s gruelling challenge here.

11. Jo Moseley
Skipton-based Paddleboarder Jo Moseley completed the Coast to Coast challenge and documented her journey to share the accessibility of paddleboarding. Read more about Jo here.

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